Thank you for contacting Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue about your dog. Please take the time to read though the following information, as it will help you understand the re-homing process and answer many of your questions.

We are a non-profit, ALL volunteer group. We have very few foster homes, so most dogs stay here at our boarding kennel facility while looking for a new family. It is heated and has indoor outdoor kennel areas and several large exercise areas for them to play. We are not a sanctuary that takes in dogs and they live here the rest of their life. Nor are we a government-funded shelter. None of our volunteers are paid. All operating expenses are paid by donations. While we sometimes can help dogs that need major medical help (like Heartworm that will heal and the dog will be fine), it is very hard and sometimes impossible to re-home dogs with ongoing medical issues like seizures or peri-anal fistulas. Most new owners are not willing to take in a dog with long term medical needs and costs. Please discuss your dog's health issues with us.


We are unable to re-home dogs that bite (or try to bite) – for both ethical and legal reasons. Think about this: 

If you were looking to adopt a dog, would you adopt Your dog – knowing their health and temperament issues?

We REALLY try our best but have limited space and resources. When we get a call from a SPCA or shelter on a dog we are their last hope at getting out alive (literally), so we may have to ask you to hold onto your dog until we have room. If you are unable to hold onto the dog until space opens at our facility, at least turn it into a shelter who works with us.

ALL dogs that come to us get neutered prior to adoption (in PA all rescues and shelters MUST do this). All medical needs will be addressed prior to adoption. Because we use a boarding kennel to house the dogs while they await adoption, it is in the dogs best interest to be up to date on all vaccines (include Kennel Cough vaccine) prior to coming to us when possible.


We will ask you a lot of questions about your dog and most likely ask for a picture also. If you purchased your dog as a puppy from a breeder you should contact them as all reputable breeders should take their pups back that they sold.


When we are contacted by a family wanting to adopt, they must fill out an adoption application and be approved PRIOR to visiting the dogs. All family members must visit including any other dogs in the family. Many times we have approved adopters waiting for a dog that matches their family. We really count on you to be honest about your dog to make the next home forever!

Please complete the following form as completely and honestly as possible, in order to ensure a great fit for your dog with his or her new family!

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