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Operation: Mountain State Shepherds

On Wednesday, August 2nd, a team of Char-Wills volunteers traveled to West Virginia to rescue 17 German Shepherds from a hoarding situation. That day, we were able to safely collect 15 dogs. One Shepherd was adopted on-site, and 14 made the journey back to Char-Wills rescue in New Ringgold, PA aboard an air-conditioned trailer. A few days later, volunteers returned to the site and were able to catch the remaining two dogs. No dogs remain on-site. All dogs were in a state of neglect, but all were able to be saved!
Update 10/1/2017: Three dogs remain in foster homes as they receive care for their medical needs.
All of the other dogs from West Virginia have found Forever Homes!
Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us care for these 17 dogs.

Volunteers set out before dawn, hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. From Left: Connie, Veronica, Diane, Dale and Mallory (behind the camera).

Big "Thank You" to the American Humane Association for the use of their well-equipped, air-conditioned travel trailer. This was a huge help!

Diane Buhl, Dually & Jeff Eyre

Jose greeted us as we entered the back yard. He seemed curious about us, in a friendly way.

Maggie (left) and Dixie (right) appeared relieved to see us.

Harley (front left) and Marley (back right) were delighted at our arrival. They couldn't wait to get out of their pen.

Bud was caked in mud and feces. He appears to have spent many years in this small enclosure. Yet he is very friendly and wants nothing but love.

Mia (left) &

Sasha (right)

Bullet jumped with joy at the prospect of leaving his muddy pen. He is a sweet boy.

We retrieved the dogs from all of the outdoor pens.


A local veterinarian was on-site to be sure each dog was healthy enough for travel and to administer rabies vaccinations.

Hannah was a very good patient!

The kind family that lived next door had been feeding the dogs when the owner went into a nursing home. They fell in love with "Jose" and adopted him!

This young man and his parents were a great help.

Jeff Eyre from the American Humane Association made sure that each dog's kennel was safe and secure within the large, air-conditioned travel trailer. The West Virginia dogs rode in cool comfort for the entire 4.5-hour trip to Schuylkill County, PA.

Ella (left) and Hannah (right) were unsure about where this new journey would lead. We assured them that they were now safe.

We hit some stomy weather on the way back into PA, but the skies cleared just in time for our arrival at Char-Wills Rescue Kennels.

Volunteers Michelle, Sandy & her Mom and Tim had everything prepped for us upon arrival. The dogs all had clean dry kennels with soft blankets, water & food waiting for them.

Penny's Pretty Smile

Hannah looks Happy

Bud likes his temporary new home.

Bud chows down his dinner.

Volunteers Julie T. and Bonnie P. returned to the site in West Virginia on Saturday to trap the remaining two dogs that eluded our team on Wednesday.

Tigger is a beautiful female Shepherd mix. MaryJane is a sweet Spaniel-mix.

Both are now at Char-Wills Rescue getting the care they deserve.

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